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Get your own store and start selling online.

Whether you’re selling shoes or HVAC equipment, our team of e-commerce web developers works to leverage your brand and deliver on the objectives of your e-commerce website.

We analyze your market landscape, unique business objectives and, target audience to create an eCommerce website that will increase your revenue.

We take your eCommerce web development project to heart and work in tandem with your team to deliver results. Comrade has grown from a local Chicago agency to a national and global leader in high-performance web development and digital marketing. Please be sure to view our case studies for examples of our work.

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The E-Commerce Platforms We Work With

A consultation with us starts by assessing your current (or future) online presence, user-centric solutions and monitoring tools that drive your objectives. Your customer reach can explode and revenue grow markedly with the right omnichannel presence designed for your business, your avatar and your KPIs.


Do you need a seamless online shop? Shopify is ideally suited for this purpose.

Designed to be simple and easy to use on the front end as well as the back end, Shopify is a stellar e-commerce platform. With Shopify, you have access to unlimited inventory, bandwidth, and customer data. Shopify’s built-in payment systems make it easy to integrate social media sales, including Instagram, Amazon, and Facebook Messenger. Plus, it’s fully customizable – and we’re here to help.

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With WooCommerce, you can add sales capabilities to your WordPress website.

Do you have a WordPress website, or do you plan to build one? Do you plan to sell products on your website? WooCommerce allows you to do just that. With this plugin, you can configure WordPress to work with third-party applications. With so many great features, it can meet any need you may have. There are an array of great extensions, from PayPal payment processing and integration with MailChimp systems, to inventory management and ample shipping options.


For businesses that want complicated integrations or custom workflows, Magento is a good choice.

Custom websites with unique brand objectives can be developed with this e-commerce platform. Besides providing an omnichannel experience, Magento is also a great option for e-commerce business management, including product deployment and reporting. Whether you’re a B2C or B2B business, selling software or clothing, Magento can help your company achieve its goals.

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